800 million people don’t have access to safe drinking water.
 Water is a human right.

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Safe drinking water is the basis for a healthy life. Many diseases are caused by contaminated water.

Everyday, 4000 people die because of the consequences of dirty water; the human right to an access to safe drinking water is still not guaranteed in most parts of the world.

Besides the major sickness, there are other negative effects such as missing out on work or education. Furthermore, medication is very expensive and can lead to financial crises of the concerned.


A Watefilter made out of local resources makes it possible to get clean and safe drinking water. This filter is produced on site and being sold in waterfilter shops for a fair price.

Our pilot project is set in Kigoma, Tanzania. A production facility is being implemented including all necessary machines and a good infrastructure. A network including different NGOs (especially MIBOS) supports our project.

Taking regional structures into account, we will realize our vision to empower people to take entrepreneurial action and allow access to safe drinking water.  



Safe Water

The filter we use is being produced with a manual machine. It is made of local ressources such as clay and rice husks. The effectiveness of 99.9% was tested and approved by different studies with similar filters for instance by the MIT. A long-term quality management can be guaranteed as the Waterpreneurs are trained in this field, too.


The Waterpreneurs work in the production facility and sell the filters. Furthermore, they are involved in the quality management as already stated, which includes filter maintenance and awareness training. In the long term, a train-the-trainer concept is planned. This way, experience as well as knowledge can be shared and economic perspectives and employment can grow.


A major part of our project ist the awareness training. To achieve this effectively we are approaching schools in the region and conduct projects concerning the general topic of “water“ aiming to reach a sensible understanding. The generated knowledge will be shared with family and friends. Furthermore, we want to use communication channels like the church or health centers.

Our vision is to empower people to provide access to safe drinking water with the strength of entrepreneurship.

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We are a team of dedicated students from Munich with various academic backgrounds. Our aim is to make the world a better place by empowering disadvantaged people through a sustainable entrepreneurial approach, thereby enabling them to live a better life!

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